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Setting up a regular office can be a challenging and expensive affair. The cost of office space in Malaysia is constantly growing, which makes it difficult for any business to setup an office easily. Things would be even more difficult for start-ups who need to get their business established on a very tight budget.

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However, there is an ingenious solution to this problem. You can setup and run a Virtual Office for the fraction of the cost of just setting up a regular office. A Virtual Office is a low cost solution to setting up and running a business. It is very affordable and gives a professional image to your business.
When you open a Virtual Office in Malaysia through our service, you will get a prestigious business address, without having to rent or own physical office space. All mails sent to you at this address will be redirected to any physical location you specify. You can have a dedicated business phone line which will be personally answered in your company’s name by our trained staff. You can also avail a shared Fax number. You will receive daily mail and fax alerts via sms, email or phone, according to your preference. Your clients will also receive a high standard of professional service through our Virtual Office. For approximately RM 100 a month, you can have your own professional setup which will have all the facilities and features that you would normally enjoy in a regular office setup.

We have different packages to suit different needs. All our packages are very affordable. You have different payment options to choose from which makes our service even more attractive. We have monthly, half-yearly and yearly plans for your convenience. Right from start-ups to established businesses owners can benefit greatly from our Virtual Office services.

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